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DJ Controller Repair: Upgrading And Fixing

DJ equipment can be notoriously finicky. DJ controller repair services can not only fix broken gear, but they can also help you upgrade aging hardware and software.

Here are some common fixes and upgrades offered by DJ controller repair services.

Orchestrating the Fix

DJ controllers are complex, expensive, and difficult to transport. The best DJ controller repair service providers will come to you or offer insured shipping to get your equipment spinning again.

Many DJ controller malfunctions seem to pop up after outdoor events or after being shipped around. The likely culprit for most malfunctions can be broadly categorized as weather damage. From moisture and dust to exposure to extreme temperatures, your DJ controller can be easy to foul up and hard to fix. If your repair technician suspects weather damage, they will likely dismantle your unit and run diagnostic tests on the major components of your device. Once the problem has been isolated, they can fix or replace it. Before they reassemble your device, they can also add weatherproofing barriers to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

In order for your DJ controller to function properly, your device needs to process electrical amps consistently. If you begin to notice a dip in performance, an amp issue might be the culprit. To correct amping issues, your DJ controller repair services provider will use sensitive equipment to locate the source of the amping issue. In many cases, this involves repairing a short circuit or damaged port.

Spinning the Upgrades

DJ controllers, like all electronics, are always getting faster, cheaper, and more efficient. However, sometimes buying the latest equipment isn't an option. DJ controller repair services providers can upgrade your hardware and software to help you extend the life of your unit.

  • Software: DJ controllers, particularly older models, are often not compatible with the latest software programs. Your DJ repair service can create software patches to make your unit compatible with the latest and greatest software on the market.
  • Hardware: The moving components on your DJ controller will inevitably wear out. When it's time to replace them, why not spend a little more money to upgrade your equipment? For instance, if your platter and crossfader begin to show signs of wear, you can upgrade any plastic components for more durable materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. Your DJ controller repair service provider can also customize your hardware to match your style and branding.