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Using Satellite Phones To Keep Connected With Employees In The Field

Ensuring reliable communications with employees can be difficult when they are dispatched to rural or isolated areas. In order to make sure that you are able to easily reach these employees, it can be worth learning more about satellite phones and the ways that they can benefit your enterprise.

Will Your Employees Be Able To Use Their Satellite Phones In Any Location?

In order for a traditional cell phone to work, it will need to be within range of a cellular tower. Satellite phones avoid this as they are able to directly connect to satellites for phone calls. This can allow these phones to work in extremely isolated and remote areas. However, it should be noted that these phones will need to have a view of the sky. Otherwise, the signal being transmitted from the phone will be unable to reach the satellite.

Are Satellite Phones Only Suitable For Voice Communications?

Being able to talk to your workers that are in the field can be essential, but there are many instances where data may need to be exchanged. For example, you may have a worker that needs to consult the client's account history to be able to complete their task. Luckily, satellite phones are usually capable of supporting data transmissions. There are upload and download limitations that will apply, and the quality of these capabilities can vary depending on the quality of the connection. However, when your workers are dispatched to isolated areas, this may be the only way for them to access the data that they need.

Are There Are Steps For Protecting Satellite Phones When They Are In Use In The Field?

As with standard modern smartphones, a satellite phone can be fairly expensive. This makes it important to protect it against the type of abuse that it can expect while being used in the field. Ensuring that all of your company phones are outfitted with protective cases is the first step in avoiding unnecessary wear or damage. Also, the phones should be periodically cleaned. This will remove dirt and dust that could have gotten inside the protective case while the phone was being used in the field. Lastly, all employees should be trained in the need to keep these phones in relatively cool areas or on their persons at all times. Leaving any electronics in a vehicle that gets extremely hot for many hours can degrade the components enough to impact performance.

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