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Easy Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Old Home Stereo Speakers

With the proliferation of smartphones and MP3 players that offer you the ability to carry around thousands of music tracks anywhere, it is easy to forget about the capabilities of your home stereo system. Still, there is nothing like the sound of music coming from home audio equipment with surround sound. However, if your home stereo has dated components like old speakers that underperform or need repairs, you will probably be less likely to go old school in order to listen to your treasured collection of tunes.

If you miss the full sound of music played over the speakers of your home stereo system, the following guide can help you get started on upgrading your equipment.

Tackle Easy Repair Jobs

If you have a set of old speakers in wood grain cases that do not sound as good as when you first purchased them, there is hope. Instead of worrying about the cost of brand new state-of-the-art speakers, you should attempt to repair your older equipment.

Problems such as erratic volume can be fixed by simply cleaning the speakers and checking wire connections. If you have speakers or other audio devices with knobs that do not operate properly, use electrical contact cleaner to lubricate the knobs.

If your speakers do not emit sound anymore, check the wiring on the devices. If you see frayed or damaged wires, you can purchase replacement wires at an electronics repair shop.

Sometimes speaker problems are more serious. However, even if you blow out your speakers, a repair shop can replace the damaged speaker cones, which is a cheaper option than buying brand-new speakers.

Add an Amplifier and Subwoofers

If you only have two basic speakers but long for surround sound, do yourself a favor and purchase an amplifier and a couple of subwoofers. Amps are not just for car audio enthusiasts who want to show off how loud they can play bass-heavy music.

An amp not only literally amplifies sound, it helps to bring out each sound frequency of a track so you can hear individual instruments better for clearer, fuller sounding music. Subwoofers are essential in a surround-sound setup because they enable you to hear low bass frequencies better.

If you are worried about the price of amps and subwoofers, call around to electronics repair shops to see if they have deals on used equipment or customer-abandoned equipment. You may be surprised at the unadvertised deals you can find by doing a little bit of legwork.

When you purchase the amp and subwoofers, be sure to ask the repair tech about the best configuration for your old speakers and your new equipment to get the best surround-sound quality.

Connect Your Old Equipment to Your Bluetooth-enabled Devices

Now that you have repaired your speakers and given your stereo system surround sound, connect the equipment to your smartphone and MP3 players via Bluetooth.

You can purchase inexpensive Bluetooth audio transmitters with adapters for all types of audio line inputs from electronics retailers. This will enable you to listen to the tracks on your devices and online music streaming services via surround sound as you relax on your couch.

Even if your audio equipment's receiver is decades old, it probably has an aux or line input. So regardless of what type of audio cables you use for your home stereo system, you will have the capability to connect your system to a Bluetooth transmitter. 

Once you have the transmitter connected, turn on your audio system and pair the transmitter to your smartphone. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet, you can also pair them to the transmitter.

If you want to even have more fun with your newly-repaired speakers that are now connected your mobile devices, use web automation services to do fun things like autoplay music from your device through your speakers when you get home from work.

For more information and ideas, contact an electronics repair company like Contec Direct.