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Electric Garden Tools: 5 Ways to Stay Powered & Organized

Owning electric garden tools is a great way to reduce gas emissions and take care of the landscaping for your home. When using the tools, one of the main problems you can come across is ensuring that they are charged and ready to go when needed. Instead of constantly needing to switch outlets as you move and dealing with low-powered tools, there are five ways to get organized. By setting up these different methods in your garage, you can be ready to blow leaves, trim hedges, and cut off weeds on your property.

Multiple Outlet Extension Cords

As you head out to the yard to do work, an outlet extension cord can make it easy to use multiple tools at once. These extension cords feature multiple outlets that your garden tools can plug into. While working, you do not need to walk back to the outlet and switch plugs. Instead, you can simply pick up the next tool and continue your work. For example, if you're blowing leaves away, you can stop for a moment to use a weed whacker and clear out more debris, then return to the leaf blower again. When shopping for an outlet extension cord, look for a rugged design that can handle all types of weather. It is typically labeled with an outdoor rating, giving you power through rain, wind, snow, or extremely hot days. Outlets that are not being used can be protected with built-in covers that insert into the open holes.

Flat Extension Cords

Large and bulky extension cords can take up a lot of valuable space in the garage. Save space and keep your garden tools charged by purchasing flat extension cords. These cords are ideal for sliding under doors or placing up against walls. When a car pulls into the garage, you do not have to worry about it rolling over the extension cord and causing damage. Flat extension cords are made to handle the weight and can help set up a nice charging center anywhere in the garage.

Multiple Outlet Adapters

Do not let a shortage of outlets in your garage prevent you from keeping garden tools charged. When the tools are plugged in overnight, you can use an outlet adapter to expand your charging options. An outlet adapter features a single male outlet that is plugged into the wall. Expanded female outlets come out of that, turning the outlet into a location where you can charge four or more devices at once. To accommodate room for the expanded plugs, these outlet adapters can be purchased in multiple shapes, including rectangles and octagons. The expanded shapes allow all of the plugs to fit without crowding them. These adapters can also be purchased with an outdoor rating to help withstand cold temperatures found in a garage.

Cord Hooks

Pairing multiple outlet adapters with heavy-duty hooks is a great way to keep your items organized. Instead of just letting power cords hang freely and risking entanglement, you can attach hooks to the garage. The cords can hang and wrap around individual hooks so they are separated. When it comes time to grab you garden tools, you can easily unplug them from the wall and have full access without extra delays.

Rolling Carts with Power Strips

Smaller power tools can be charged and organized by using a rolling cart. Rolling carts can be purchased with power strips installed on them. These outlets make it easy to set the power tool on the cart and plug it in. Smaller tools like hedge clippers, mini saws, and electric tillers can easily be placed across the cart. Some carts have multiple shelves on it, making it easy to organize the tools and access them when they are needed.

Purchasing extra power adapters and extension cords is a great way to keep your garage organized and ready for landscaping all year long. Look for cord adapters and extension cords by Americord or another manufacturer to get started.